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An overview of several Museum websites containing touristic information and special exhibitions.
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1 Rijksmuseum
The Rijksmuseum is the largest museum in the Netherlands, with more than a million visitors each year. The Rijksmuseum is a familiar Amsterdam landmark and possesses an unrivalled collection of Dutch art, from early religious works to the masterpieces of the Golden Age.
2 Stedelijk Museum
Housing the civic collection of modern art, the museum also stages contemporary art exhibitions. A sculpture garden is to be found behind the building.
3 Van Gogh Museum
The museum houses some 200 paintings and 550 sketches showing Van Gogh in all his moods. These combined with hundreds of letters by Van Gogh to Theo, and selected works by his friends and contemporaries, form the core of the museum's collection.
Right next the Central Station is the largest futuristic science center in the Netherlands, housed in a ship like building designed by Renzo Piano. Here you can be amazed by the world of science and technology. Contrary to other museums, here you must touch the collection and experiment with it.
5 Anne Frank House
Anne Frank House in the center of Amsterdam is the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary during World War II. The original of the diary is on display as part of the Anne Frank House's permanent exhibition.
6 Hermitage
A small dependence of the famous Hermitage museum of Saint Petersburg, Russia, organizes each year two interesting exhibitions. Check their website for the current show - if the subject does interest you, it will be certainly worth seeing, because these exhibits are usually intersting and well presented. The Hermitage Amsterdam has some big development plans linked to the adaptation of the Amstelhof – an old and beautiful building at the Amstel River. It should make of Hermitage dependence one of the biggest museums in Amsterdam.
7 Tropical Museum
One of the most intriguing Amsterdam's museums belongs to the Royal Institute for the Tropics, a foundation devoted to the study of the cultures of tropical areas around the world.
8 Museum van Loon
An impressive patrician canal house at the very center of Amsterdam. Here is your unique possibility of entering such a house, still owned by the aristocratic Van Loon family, which decided to open it to the public. An interesting private museum documenting the life of the upper class in the city of Amsterdam.
9 Jewish Historical Museum
The museum consists of four synagogues, the oldest dating back to 17th century and houses a rich collection. It shows the history, religion and culture of Jews in the Netherlands.
10 Vodka Museum
The newest of Amsterdam museums, it is located on Damrak, almost in front of the Central Station. The Vodka Museum features a small, professionally organized exhibit about the history of Russian Vodka. The timeline is completed with some unique, interesting vodka bottles, as well as hundreds of sorts of vodka from Russia and other countries, ironically completed by some old anti-alcohol drinking posters from the Soviet era. And while the times have changed, an elegant Museum Bar makes the vodka consumption possible directly on the spot, in the museum.
11 Tulip Museum
A friendly, small museum about the tulip - flower which is a symbol of the Netherlands, Amsterdam Tulip Museum is located just across the bridge from the Anne Frank House. You may see there interesting multimedia presentations about the history of tulip, its cultivation and the 17th century speculation with tulip bulbs – so called tulip mania. In the musum shop you may buy bulbs of rare tulips and many other decorative flowers.
12 Allard Pierson museum
Allard Pierson Museum is Amsterdam's the only specialist archeological collection, now owned by the University. The museum contains Egyptian, Greek, Cypriot, Roman, Etruscan and Coptic artefacts.
13 Amsterdam Historical Museum
The permanent exhibitions are housed around the complex's inner courtyards. Clear signposting allows the visitor to concentrate on a specific period of the Amsterdam's history.
14 Film Museum
The collection of the film museum consists of thousands of movies, photos, posters and scripts of Dutch and international movies. Exclusive masterpieces of cinema history are show every day since the museum is often the only place which has the equipment to show them.
15 Rembrandt House Museum
The house where Rembrandt lived from 1639 until 1659 is now the home of a large collections of his etchings and the very place where most of them where made. It also has a large collection of paintings of people who inspired him, like Pieter Lastman.
16 Diamond Museum
A small and elegant museum organized by an important Amsterdam trader in these precious stones – Coster Diamonds. An interesting exhibit has been visualized by all modern multimedia means. Diamond Museum is conveniently located in a direct proximity of Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.
17 Press Museum
This museum guards over four centuries of journalistic heritage and has a large collection of newspapers and magazines, a unique collection of political images and an extensive library of the Dutch printer press.
18 National Museum of Spectacles
In an old town house (dating from 1620), at one of the narrow streets in the very centre of Amsterdam, an interesting small museum has been located focused on just one object: the spectacles. If you are interested in the history of fashion or the spectacles in particular – this is your chance, because the collection is rich, the old house impressive and the Brilmuseum presentation remarkable.
19 Pianola Museum
A small museum of pianolas displays automatic pianos form the beginning of the 20th century, which were reproducing music using the carton rolls with a hole for each music note. Pianolas were very popular until 1930's. They had seemed to be an invention of the future. The later development of the phonographic industry made the pianolas obsolete. The museum has 15 original instruments and 20 000 paper music rolls.
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